Foreign Market Entry Plan:

Entering a new foreign market can be instrumental for the business strategy
and growth of several SMEs, corporations, and MNCs.

Maintaining a sustaining profitable growth in competitive markets requires
effective and efficient strategies that enable companies to build, nurture, and
maintain long-term and profitable business relationships.

Marketing that Works! can assist and advice international companies in
designing and executing a Foreign Market Entry Plan, and on how to excel
and succeed, in selected markets in Asia (Singapore, the ASEAN region, the
Greater China market) and in the USA market.
Effective Business Tools for Your Foreign Market Entry Plan
Market Entry &
Business Strategy
Brand Marketing &
Corporate &
Legal Services
MTW has the numbers for Your Foreign Market Entry Plan
Most of our clients engage Marketing that Works! for outsourcing business services which are
strategic for their business growth.  In order to protect our clients, and the confidentiality of the
strategic and sensitive nature of the tasks they require us to develop,
the entire relation with our
clients is protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Our clients are SMEs from the 12 industries and business sectors experiencing strong growth in
Asia (and described on our website), and their tasks range from market-entry projects in the form
of Export, Joint-Venture, FDI, to Business Strategy in the form of designing a business model and
creating business plan, to Brand Development and Business Development, to Corporate services
like managing their Representative Office to incorporating their Trading Company or start-up or
branch in Singapore or Hong Kong.

This is why we are proud of designing, managing, implementing, and executing a wide array of
strategic tasks, and confidentiality turns out to be a unique strategic advantage our clients can
trust and rely on.
In line with our corporate motto of "our business is developing your business", our Team of:
> Strategy Advisors (for market-entry and business development projects)
> Marketing & Creativity Advisors (for marketing communication plans)
> Legal and CPAs Advisors (for corporate and compliance services)
assists, advises, and guides our clients on how to excel and succeed in markets in Asia, and
in the USA market, because we do understand the complexity of a foreign market entry plan.
our business is developing your business
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